Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blogging about tea

I decided to start this blog as another was to chronicle my steps into the wider world of tea. I started by ordering some sample packs and some personal favorites, but I must admit that my setup is rather unsophisticated. I have a stainless steel tea ball I got from Stash, a rather stained and well-used mug from Switzerland, and a Black & Decker electric kettle. It is also unlikely that I will be acquiring a more traditional teaset anytime soon, see as college is a rather significant drain on my resources.

Also, I should probably mention that I have a profile on Steepster, under the name Joshua Smith. I actually posted a few ratings there, but I plan to post all futre rating here as well, along with more details and picture. If any of you are members there, feel free to pm me or follow me.

Regardless, I plan on posting my first review sometime this weekend, and it will either be for DeRen Tea's Tie Guan Yin (Traditional Style), or their Jasmine Oolong.

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